Environment Prop Master Materials for UE4 - V2

Art of Lincoln Hughes
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Save yourself endless time and technical hurdles in the material editor with my pack of Environment Prop Master Materials for UE4 - Version 2!

New Features in V2:

-Comes with over 50 shader presets, all set up to simply create instances from and swap textures

-Snow / Moss / Dirt / Rust / Wetness / Ice Procedural Top Layer Grunge Materials - simply enabled with a switch in each material instance

-New Global Coverage Blueprint controls Top Layer Material amounts (and other options) per map using material parameter collections

-Heavy optimization pass done - Material instruction count has been dramatically lowered / optimization options were added / texture samplers lowered

-Emissive options (strobe / randomized noise)

-Opacity Mask options

-Bump Offset Ice Materials (Optional Subsurface Scattering / Fresnel)

-Layered Blend Materials (2 / 3 Layers) - Perfect for armor / characters / guns that use masks with tiled textures / unique normal maps

-Foliage Master Materials - Optional Z-Up Snow / Distance-Field Interaction with characters / SSS

-Glass Master Materials - Translucency / Refraction / Masked options

-Edge dither  - blurs the edge when crashing rocks and other meshes through terrain

-UV Panning added - animated panning moves the texture directionally at varied speeds

-New auto-scale UV feature (cheaper than World-Space, similar results)

-Material functions created for almost everything - modularity will increase use for new shaders / organization / future changes / bug fixes

-Descriptions added to every material parameter for ease of use

-Over 1.5 hours of new video tutorial content - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iihzTSlhNLc&feature=youtu.be

Original Features in V1: 

-Blended Tessellation (Displacement) between multiple material layers

-Top Layer (Snow) World-Aligned blend - procedurally mixes a top layer onto your material based off of a wind direction

-Parameter Collections - globally change the amount of top-layer blending (snow) across your entire world with a single slider

-Optional Detail Map channels - blend albedo, roughness, normal, and ao channels with your base textures

-Optional World-Space (tri-planar) mapping on each layer (base, mid, top)

-Optional UV Channel choice for each layer

-Non-Proportionate UV options

-Shader is commented on and organized - easier to understand and learn from

-Contains a lite shader with no extra material features - easy for assets that don't require them

-All features are optional, so that each shader instance will optimize itself based off of the features enabled

Disclaimer: The rock mesh and its textures in the video are made with Quixel Megascans, and do not come with the pack. Subscribe to Megascans and test out the shaders with their assets for yourself!

The product comes with an example map and some free assets and textures from Epic's Kite demo, all for testing purposes

If you've already purchased the original version, e-mail me at lincolnhughes@hotmail.com for a discount code :)

Song in video: ES_Lucis - Valante

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Environment Prop Master Materials for UE4 - V2

32 ratings
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